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Financial Institutions

Electronic Order Execution Services

Mid Atlantic provides cost effective electronic order execution services to our bank trust, investment manager, and insurance company customers.  Many of our customers choose us for their complete electronic order execution needs: spanning mutual fund trades, equities, and fixed income markets.


In response to the newly issued DOL Fiduciary Rule, Mid Atlantic has developed FiduciaryxChange®, to help brokerage and advisory firms retain and grow their retirement plan assets under these new regulations. We believe that FiduciaryxChange® provides the tools that help these firms not only survive, but thrive in the new regulatory landscape!

  • For Commission Based Compensation
    The financial professional can to continue to provide commissioned based retirement services through a level platform fee newly enabled by Mid Atlantic, in concert with Mid Atlantic’s extensive nationwide network of plan recordkeepers. Flexible program rules will be supported by Mid Atlantic to facilitate implementation of each dealer’s program guidelines, recognizing that various dealers may interpret the rule differently. The advisor’s total compensation will be paid to the home office through check, electronic funds transfer, or via the NSCC’s Payment Axis service.
  • For Fee Based Compensation
    FiduciaryxChange®, automates fee based invoicing and collection as well, for any plan on the Mid Atlantic platform. Track revenue earned, actual revenue collected, and any outstanding receivables through a more automated and centralized environment.

For many firms, tracking plans held away can become a resource drain on both advisors and their compliance departments. The complexity of gathering that information grows exponentially as the number of recordkeepers used by a single firm increases. By leveraging MATC through its web portal, your firm can access data on plans held at any recordkeeper in the Mid Atlantic network through a single, efficient interface.

  • Data Feeds
    For firms that already have custom reporting systems in place, Mid Atlantic can easily provide the necessary data feeds, including third party performance and account aggregation, that are needed to populate these systems.
  • Add Third Party Fiduciary Services
    FiduciaryxChange® provides a platform to “plug in” an optional 3(21) or 3(38) third party fiduciary working with their advisors. FiduciaryxChange® will automate the onboarding, billing, reporting, investment lineup changes and when applicable, plan closings. This important functionality can be completely automated so that a repeatable and streamlined process is put in place.

LEARN MORE >>about how FiduciaryxChange® can help your organization better address its regulatory and automation needs.

Equity Order Execution

Our state of the art equity trading system brings you efficient low cost anonymous order executions.

It is intuitive, simple to use on its own or in conjunction with your order management system.

Our equity trading software gives you the ability to route your own orders to a variety of execution venues, or have our desk to handle them for you. In either case, we provide full real-time transparency so you can monitor all aspects of your live trades including open orders, partial fills and GTC executions.

Mid Atlantic’s staff of experienced equity traders is available not only to assist you with any requirements you may have regarding your automated electronic order executions, but also to assist you with any large or illiquid securities that may require special handling. They act as an extension of your trading desk.

If you choose to utilize the desk for your order, the traders will act solely on your behalf representing you in the marketplace and positioning your order strategically to ensure its best possible execution.

They seek to minimize the impact of your order on the marketplace through a variety of available execution strategies and actively work your order. As an agent, they maintain your complete anonymity and confidentiality. You provide the order and we’ll do the rest. Our trading system includes real time Level I and II quotes, charting capabilities, stock watch, news feeds and fundamental data right on your desktop.

These tools combined with our experience, insight, and knowledge of the marketplace enable navigation of fragmented markets to seek and manage liquidity with minimal market impact. Additionally, we maintain electronic trading connections with major portfolio management and trust accounting systems as well as all major FIX hubs.

Fixed Income Order Execution

Complete web based fixed income trading capabilities, complemented by the expert support of professional traders.

Access and trade from a large inventory of government and corporate debt, municipals, agencies and certificates of deposit.

As a participant in one of the world’s largest electronic fixed income platforms, we offer leading edge technology that provides anonymous access to an electronic marketplace with thousands of pieces of inventory from hundreds of dealers. Our clients enjoy a live, executable fixed income trading environment that provides dynamically updated bids and offers with point and click trading capability. Upon execution of the trade you will immediately receive a confirmation email with extensive trade ticket detail. If the trade is a sell, a complete bid history of all bids received will also be included for compliance purposes.

Offerings are searchable and sortable by customized multiple criteria, including maturity, ratings, quantity, coupon, yield and price. This brings the “market” right on your desktop, in real time. You may also access a variety of analytical tools, such as ladder construction and analysis, as well as descriptive data on millions of fixed income securities.

Getting started is as simple as opening your account with us and logging in. There are no upfront fees or software/hardware charges or expenses involved. Our staff provides the necessary startup training, which can typically be accomplished in an hour or two via interactive web conferencing.

Should our clients have questions regarding our electronic execution systems, or wish to be assisted by a professional trader, the desk stands ready. We regularly work with our clients to locate product and seek price improvement. The trading desk maintains direct relationships with many of the Street’s largest dealers.

Regardless of execution venue, we take care of post-trade settlement activity by booking and reporting your activity on a consolidated basis, and handling the necessary reporting to custodians and other entities for settlement purposes.

And, our institutional clients enjoy the peace of mind provided by our competitive, fully disclosed pricing schedules.

Our web based technology portal also offers a wealth of support tools for your mutual fund business, whether in the taxable or retirement plan environment.

Trade Operations (Equity and Fixed Income)

A commitment to streamlined trade related activities, employing automation to achieve convenience, efficiency and accuracy.

At Mid Atlantic, we understand the administrative challenges that our clients face on a daily basis. Accordingly, our trading platform provides simple and customized post-trade processing and settlement solutions. Daily reporting and data interfaces are user-defined to the greatest extent possible, and we will work with you to develop the procedures that best fit your particular operating environment. Our goal is always to provide you with accurate, timely data that you can rely upon, delivered in the most efficient fashion, as you define it.

Mid Atlantic is accustomed to working in an omnibus as well as a multiple account allocation environment. We are sensitive to our customer’s preferences, and work to simplify confirmation, order bunching, average pricing of orders, reconciliation, commission specification, and other daily tasks. Mid Atlantic’s 25 year clearing relationship with National Financial Services, LLP, a Fidelity company, provides you with the peace of mind that your comparisons, settlements, and deliveries receive the expertise and market presence with one of the world’s largest and best capitalized clearing firms. Our experienced operations staff will see to it that our service doesn’t end with trade execution. They are dedicated to making your post-trade activity an efficient and error-free experience.

Our customized interfaces enable further streamlining and simplification of your administrative tasks. Trade import capabilities, available in many cases, allow trades to flow seamlessly into the system for execution. Whether by Excel or database file import, or via custom interface, you may choose to utilize this method for sending your orders for execution whenever it is of benefit. The trading platform handles daily electronic confirmation, settlement and reporting activities, to assure that your activity is appropriately reported on a timely basis to you and throughout the settlement community.

Mutual Fund Order Execution

Best-in-Class execution and settlement services on Mid Atlantic’s proprietary web based Transaction Network Services (TNS), and Mid Atlantic Trust Company’s proprietary custody technology.

As a self-clearing NSCC member, Mid Atlantic provides a low cost, fully automated, state-of-the-art mutual fund trading and reporting system that in many cases integrates with your record keeping or trust accounting system for straight-through processing of trades, confirmations, positions and dividends.  When doing business with Mid Atlantic, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are trading with one of the NSCC’s largest mutual fund trade processors.  We offer access to over 20,000 mutual funds, and clear and settle over 1 million trades per month in behalf of our administrator, trust, and insurance company customers.

Through our competitive fund compensation arrangements with hundreds of mutual fund families, we provide the tools for institutions to capture fund fees, and offset customer expenses and service fees.  Fee availability is fully transparent and accessible to our customers over our TNS system. LEARN MORE >>

Soft Dollar Services

Banks, professional advisors, and pooled entities such as mutual funds and hedge funds may utilize our soft dollar services to offset the costs of purchasing approved research products and services.

Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 Section 28(e), a portion of commission dollars may be employed to offset qualifying expenses. Mid Atlantic offers clients an online commission management system to enable the administration of their soft dollar programs. Through our web-based platform, a complete trading history and soft dollar reconciliation is also available on a trade-by-trade basis.

Utilizing our services, our soft dollar customers may:

  • Accumulate and manage soft dollar balances online
  • View invoices and request payment
  • Submit vendor agreements for review and approval
  • Establish a wide range of soft dollar tiers customized to various relationships

To learn more about how our soft dollar services can benefit your organization, please contact Charlie Friday, or feel free to submit your inquiry to us using the contact link here.

We invite you to further explore our trading and execution capabilities. Financial institutions interested in equity, fixed income and mutual fund trading and processing may contact any member of our sales team for an online demonstration of all the tools and services available through Mid Atlantic, or to get help with any questions that you have or requests for further information. Additional questions? Please contact us.




Plan Administrator and Advisor Tools

In conjunction with serving the needs of our investment professionals, our trading desk presently provides brokerage services to our over 500 institutional clients, including banks, insurance companies, money managers, and hedge funds.

Mid Atlantic regularly processes over 1.8 million mutual fund transactions and $1 billion in fixed income orders per month, and as many as 2 billion equity shares annually.