Who We Serve

Hybrid Advisors

The hybrid model supports the advisor who maintains both a fee-based advisory business through an independently owned RIA, and commission based brokerage business as a registered representative of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation.

As an independent RIA, you will have maximum flexibility to develop your own business and investment strategies while branding your business under your RIA name. Mid Atlantic (through Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, our registered broker/dealer, and through Mid Atlantic Trust Company, our registered state-chartered trust company) provides custody, trading, and technology support to your RIA. At the same time, the full range of broker/dealer products and services are available to support your commission business.

You can choose products and services that are right for your practice from the extensive and continually developing list of what we have to offer. Or, you can choose to operate more autonomously, leaving us to process your business and handle back office functions.

We have 30+ years experience supporting a wide variety of broker/advisor business models:

  • High net worth wealth managers
  • 401k/retirement plan specialists
  • Advisors managing their own equity, fixed income, ETF, and mutual fund strategies
  • Institutional brokers processing transactions for banks, broker/dealers, trust companies and investment managers with full trading support from our desks
  • Asset allocation specialists utilizing third party managed platforms – separate accounts, mutual fund strategies, and ETF based strategies

We invite you to explore our independent broker/advisor solutions, using the links on this page. You may also contact any member of our recruiting team to get help with any questions that you have or requests for further information.