Who We Serve

Financial Advisors

The financial advisors, brokers, and registered investment professionals we serve know that we pride ourselves on meeting their most challenging demands.

You’ll find the Mid Atlantic team is driven by desire for continual improvement, so that we — and you — will always be prepared for the increasing requirements of the evolving marketplace.

Open Architecture

At Mid Atlantic, we understand the trend among successful financial advisors to utilize a wide variety of financial products, compensation structures, and custodial arrangements to best satisfy their clients’ needs for asset safety, diversification and independent advice. Accordingly, through our combined resources – across Mid Atlantic’s broker/dealer, our corporate registered investment advisor, and our trust company – we can accommodate most any wealth management business model, including those incorporating your own independent registered investment advisor.

We believe our role is to provide you with resources and back office support so that you can do your job of serving your clients in the most objective, efficient and successful manner possible.

Mid Atlantic’s platforms support a variety of business models, ranging from fee-only RIA practices to transaction based brokers who are compensated through commissions. We invite you to learn more about the products and services that Mid Atlantic can provide to your unique business model. To get started, just click on the solution that most closely matches your business model and see how our products, services and technology can support your success.

Your Business Model Mid Atlantic’s Solution
I require an environment that will support both fee and commission business, but still want the freedom and benefits of being an independent business owner. I prefer to affiliate with an existing corporate RIA for my fee based business. Independent broker/advisor as registered representative of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, and investment advisor representative of Mid Atlantic Financial Management, Inc. LEARN MORE >>
I am compensated solely through fees and do not require registration with a broker/dealer for commission business. I have my own RIA. RIA custodial client of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation and/or Mid Atlantic Trust Company. LEARN MORE >>
I do only commission based business with high net worth customers and/or my institutional clientele. I do not provide financial advice for fees. I want to be able to brand my own firm. Independent broker as registered representative of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation. LEARN MORE >>
I manage my own independent RIA for client fee based relationships. I want custodial, trading and technology support for my RIA, but also have some commission based business that requires the support and regulatory framework of a registered broker/dealer. Hybrid model: Independent broker/advisor as registered representative of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, and RIA custodial client of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation and Mid Atlantic Trust Company. LEARN MORE >>
I specialize in providing advice to 401(k), 403(b), IRA rollovers, and other retirement plans. I may have other non-retirement plan business as well, or be considering developing it. Plan AdvisorxChange (PAX) model: Utilize Mid Atlantic’s specialized PAX suite of plan advisor products and services, together with the resources of all Mid Atlantic companies. May do business as registered broker/advisor of Mid Atlantic, or through a fee-only RIA custodial relationship. LEARN MORE >>

Take the First Step

Call on our sales team to help you learn about the many possibilities for managing your business and serving your clients. All of our supported business models center around independence and putting you in control of your business decisions, staffing, management practices, and client servicing. If you are ready to take charge of your practice with the support of Mid Atlantic’s 25+ years of experience serving independents, “break away” brokers, RIAs, and hybrid advisors, contact us now!