Plan Administrator & Advisor Tools

Best-in-Class Web Based Tools and Support Technology

In addition to our core custody, trading and paying agent services, Mid Atlantic offers a myriad of tools designed to help you differentiate your service offering in order to attract and retain clients.

Investment Toolkit

DOL fee disclosure rules have created additional responsibilities for plan sponsors, advisors, and plan service providers. To assist you in this task, Mid Atlantic has developed the Investment Toolkit. The Toolkit provides the following services:

  • Investment Data Feed
  • Investment Fact Sheets
  • Plan Investment Option Comparison Report
  • Plan Investment Glossary

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Plan Investment Plus (PIP)

PIP is a Mid Atlantic & Newkirk/MasteryPOINT collaboration which provides you with the tools you need to assist your sponsors in making sure that plan investments are appropriate.  With PIP you can:

  • Monitor plan investments by selecting from among 45 different standards and establishing criteria for each standard
  • Create professional, full-color reports showing how a plan’s investments perform with respect to the selected standards
  • Incorporate the selected standards within the plan’s investment policy statement
  • Create investment committee meeting agendas and record meeting decisions for future reference and action
  • Identify alternative investment options for underperforming investments
  • Create plan-level asset and expense reports
  • Provide monthly investment performance information

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Fund Database Research Tools

  • On-demand access to details related to all fund revenue sharing paid for a plan or group of plans
  • Ability to run projected revenue sharing estimates based on investment lineups and current balances
  • Fund screening
  • Fund operational data such as minimums, closures and other restrictions
  • On-demand fund and lineup fact sheets
  • Data powered by three separate sources and updated daily


In response to the newly issued DOL Fiduciary Rule, Mid Atlantic has developed FiduciaryxChange®, to help brokerage and advisory firms retain and grow their retirement plan assets under these new regulations. We believe that FiduciaryxChange® provides the tools that help these firms not only survive, but thrive in the new regulatory landscape!

  • For Commission Based Compensation
    The financial professional can continue to provide commissioned based retirement services through a level platform fee newly enabled by Mid Atlantic, in concert with Mid Atlantic’s extensive nationwide network of plan recordkeepers. Flexible program rules will be supported by Mid Atlantic to facilitate implementation of each dealer’s program guidelines, recognizing that various dealers may interpret the rule differently. The advisor’s total compensation will be paid to the home office through check, electronic funds transfer, or via the NSCC’s Payment Axis service.
  • For Fee Based Compensation
    FiduciaryxChange®, automates fee based invoicing and collection as well, for any plan on the Mid Atlantic platform. Track revenue earned, actual revenue collected, and any outstanding receivables through a more automated and centralized environment.

For many firms, tracking plans held away can become a resource drain on both advisors and their compliance departments. The complexity of gathering that information grows exponentially as the number of recordkeepers used by a single firm increases. By leveraging MATC through its web portal, your firm can access data on plans held at any recordkeeper in the Mid Atlantic network through a single, efficient interface.

  • Data Feeds
    For firms that already have custom reporting systems in place, Mid Atlantic can easily provide the necessary data feeds, including third party performance and account aggregation, that are needed to populate these systems.
  • Add Third Party Fiduciary Services
    FiduciaryxChange® provides a platform to “plug in” an optional 3(21) or 3(38) third party fiduciary working with their advisors. FiduciaryxChange® will automate the onboarding, billing, reporting, investment lineup changes and when applicable, plan closings. This important functionality can be completely automated so that a repeatable and streamlined process is put in place.

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Plan AdvisorxChange (PAX)

PAX is a suite of focused, dedicated support products and services offered just for the retirement plan advisor specialist. We have brought together all the resources of the Mid Atlantic companies and paired them with our unique knowledge of the retirement plan space to offer the best in class support for the plan advisor:

  • PAX Tools
  • Proprietary turn-key total plan solutions
  • Unbundled total plan solutions, customized to each advisor’s needs
  • 3(21) & 3(38) fiduciary infrastructure
  • Access to investment products and administrative services from first class providers
  • Fee based and/or commission based advisory programs
  • A complete lineup of plan eligible model managers through ModelxChange®


Plan Prospecting Tools

Create a myriad of reports from a powerful database that can help you identify plan prospect opportunities within a specific geographical area. This unique on-line system will allow you to slice and dice hundreds of data points to come up with a specific target list which can include, to name just a few:

  • Full contact information
  • Plan asset size
  • Number of participants
  • Current investment lineups
  • Plan vendor providers
  • and more