State-of-the-Art Technology for the Model Manager

ModelxChange® is Mid Atlantic’s proprietary web-based technology for trading and rebalancing of your ETF and mutual fund based portfolios. It is simple to use, yet enables streamlined and sophisticated model management.

Its robust capabilities allow automation and scale in most any customer account environment, and has the added benefit of being the first platform of its kind that allows 401(k) professionals to seamlessly incorporate investment models into a retirement plan, all through a single interface.

ModelxChange® is ideal for those professional money managers, investment advisors, and plan record keepers who want to stay on the forefront of portfolio trading technology, and for those who want to make their services available to the 401(k) marketplace in a highly automated fashion.

Investment Advisors

Investment advisors may use ModelxChange® to automate their own management strategies, or to access a stable of third party money managers with proven track records via ManagerxChange®. ManagerxChange® provides investment advisors with access to “best of breed” money managers, and simplifies the due diligence screening process by providing manager profiles, descriptions, performance data and other details of each model — reducing the amount of time required to review the myriad of data in order to make an effective choice for a client. And for plan advisors, all of this is seamlessly available in the 401(k) plan environment as well.

Record Keepers of Retirement Plans

Historically, the process of coordinating all of the moving parts required for plan record keepers to effectively manage an investment model within a retirement plan has been a tedious process. Each time the advisor or manager calls to submit a change to the investment model, it results in a stream of trades and record adjustments in order to keep the plan in compliance. ModelxChange® streamlines this process by seamlessly coordinating all the moving parts required to manage a model within a retirement plan. This includes not only synchronizing the model with the plan accounts — including automatically handling specific investment exclusions — but also providing reporting metrics and all the necessary tools advisors have come to expect so that they can efficiently fulfill their fiduciary responsibility. Why experience the hassle of maintaining and rebalancing all of the underlying funds of a model when Mid Atlantic can automate that process and provide you a single model identifier for trading purposes?

Professional Money Managers

ModelxChange® uniquely provides professional money managers with a single system for the creation, execution and on-going management of investment models. Through this easy-to-use interface, managers can set-up and manage their investment models, and then through a single access point, deliver those models and the investment changes to each individual account and/or retirement plan as adjustments are made to the model — without having to log into a separate system or implement at the account level every time a change is made.  Through ModelxChange®, money managers can also set security and cash targets, as well as specific investment exclusions requested by the client. All of the account flows, asset levels, and detailed information related to the account are right at the manager’s fingertips through the easy to navigate website. Managers can opt to make their models available to retirement plans only, or can also include them in the ManagerxChange® separate account manager platform. ManagerxChange® is made available to advisors as a portfolio management solution for their high net worth clients.

Please contact your Mid Atlantic representative to learn more about the unique capabilities of ModelxChange®.

ModelxChange® provides advisors seamless integration of ETF and mutual fund based investment strategies into taxable accounts and 401(k) plans

Advisors have access to a stable of money managers with proven track records or create their own models

Money managers can setup, manage and execute their models at a global level across all account types