Mid Atlantic’s Industry-Leading Platform to Trade ETFs in Retirement Plans

Despite the merits and widespread use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), most defined contribution systems have been designed around processing mutual funds that routinely trade on a dollar certain basis.  The inability to execute fractional shares, as happens with dollar certain mutual fund transactions, has until now meant absorbing additional brokerage costs, unitization expenses or the addition of a new record keeping process to handle whole share trading and its attending cash issues.

ETFxChange® is the first platform to allow record keepers the ability to handle ETFs using the same systems and processes they already have in place for trading mutual funds.  In fact, with ETFxChange®, record keepers can trade ETFs alongside mutual funds in the same plans.  With ETFxChange® Mid Atlantic can support dollar certain and/or fractional share transactions, with a single, end of day execution price, thus efficiently eliminating the primary hurdles for record keepers wishing to support ETFs.

Through ETFxChange®, our customers also have access to iShares®, PowerShares®, ProShares®, WisdomTree®, SPDRs®, Vanguard®, and other products.

ETFxChange® advantages:

  • ETFs trade like mutual funds within a retirement plan without additional operational burdens
  • The settlement process is identical to that of no-load mutual funds
  • Clients have access to hundreds of ETFs from many leading providers.