DepositxChange Benefits Administrators

Custody, Trading, & Paying Agent Services

Mid Atlantic provides trust and custody solutions for retirement plans and other accounts through Mid Atlantic Trust Company, our state-chartered non-depository trust company. Through its retirement plan channel, the Mid Atlantic organization provides services to more than 80 TPA and record keeping firms. Customers rely on us for trust, custody, paying agent and/or clearing and settlement services for over 95,000 retirement plans and trust accounts.

Mid Atlantic’s web-based trust accounting and custodial system provides real time online access to cash and investment reporting for our plan administrator customers as well as plan sponsors, advisors, auditors, and other interested parties. Furthermore, our directed trustee services may qualify your plans for limited scope audits.

Trading and Settlement Services for Plan Accounts

Through our extensive relationships with mutual fund families, and as an NSCC self-clearing member, Mid Atlantic offers access to over 20,000 mutual funds. We provide a state-of-the-art trading and reporting system that integrates with your record keeping or trust accounting system for straight-through processing of trades, confirmations, positions, prices and dividends.  When doing business with Mid Atlantic, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you are trading with one of the NSCC’s largest mutual fund trade processors. We clear and settle over 1.4 million trades per month on behalf of our administrator, trust and insurance company customers.We offer turn-key integration for trading and custodial reporting of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, managed accounts, unitized funds, equities, collectives, and self-directed brokerage accounts which includes:

  • Competitive self-directed brokerage account options through our clearing arrangements with National Financial Services LLC
  • Custodial reporting of SDB accounts held away
  • Sub TA/Service fee collection for over 150 fund families
  • 12b-1 collection for fee based plans, enabling rebating
  • Automatic electronic delivery of monthly statements to all interested parties
  • Online mutual fund and ETF research tool and fact sheets using Morningstar and NSCC fund data points


In response to the newly issued DOL Fiduciary Rule, Mid Atlantic has developed FiduciaryxChange®, to help brokerage and advisory firms retain and grow their retirement plan assets under these new regulations. We believe that FiduciaryxChange® provides the tools that help these firms not only survive, but thrive in the new regulatory landscape.

  • For Commission Based Compensation
    The financial professional can continue to provide commissioned based retirement services through a level platform fee newly enabled by Mid Atlantic, in concert with Mid Atlantic’s extensive nationwide network of plan recordkeepers. Flexible program rules will be supported by Mid Atlantic to facilitate implementation of each dealer’s program guidelines, recognizing that various dealers may interpret the rule differently. The advisor’s total compensation will be paid to the home office through check, electronic funds transfer, or via the NSCC’s Payment Axis service.
  • For Fee Based Compensation
    FiduciaryxChange®, automates fee based invoicing and collection as well, for any plan on the Mid Atlantic platform. Track revenue earned, actual revenue collected, and any outstanding receivables through a more automated and centralized environment.

For many firms, tracking plans held away can become a resource drain on both advisors and their compliance departments. The complexity of gathering that information grows exponentially as the number of recordkeepers used by a single firm increases. By leveraging MATC through its web portal, your firm can access data on plans held at any recordkeeper in the Mid Atlantic network through a single, efficient interface.

  • Data Feeds
    For firms that already have custom reporting systems in place, Mid Atlantic can easily provide the necessary data feeds, including third party performance and account aggregation, that are needed to populate these systems.
  • Add Third Party Fiduciary Services
    FiduciaryxChange® provides a platform to “plug in” an optional 3(21) or 3(38) third party fiduciary working with their advisors. FiduciaryxChange® will automate the onboarding, billing, reporting, investment lineup changes and when applicable, plan closings. This important functionality can be completely automated so that a repeatable and streamlined process is put in place.

LEARN MORE >> about how FiduciaryxChange® can help your organization better address its regulatory and automation needs.


Our customers also have access to ETFxChange®, Mid Atlantic’s industry leading platform to trade ETFs within retirement plans. Through ETFxChange®, clients can trade iShares®, PowerShares®, ProShares®, WisdomTree®, SPDRs®, Vanguard®, and other products. ETF processing is integrated within our mutual fund trading platform, allowing you to offer an expanded investment lineup to the plans you service without increased operational burden to your firm. LEARN MORE >>


The first platform of its kind, ModelxChange® allows 401(k) professionals to seamlessly incorporate investment models (both third party and proprietary) directly into a retirement plan all through a single, web-based interface. Model management and maintenance is performed by the manager at the global level across all plans and retail accounts, and ModelxChange® enables automatic scheduled rebalancing and the ability to use any combination of mutual funds and ETFs.  All of this, while the record keeper only trades a single model security ID for each plan. No more laborious model fund lineup maintenance or messy rebalancing.  Mid Atlantic will take care of this for you automatically. LEARN MORE >>


DepositxChange® is our FDIC eligible* daily deposit product that offers a competitive alternative to money market funds for plan participant investment menus. Operated as a multi-bank platform, DepositxChange® processes daily plan deposit and withdrawal activity across participating banks, connecting them seamlessly with your record keeping system. Our technology enables the following key features:

  • While each participating bank holds deposits and sets its own rate, for processing convenience DepositxChange® is presented as a single addition to the plan’s menu with a unique trading identifier, and a composite balance and blended deposit rate
  • Daily withdrawals and deposits process in the same manner as a daily accrual money market fund, settling T+1 with the rest of your trading activity
  • We handle all sub-accounting activity at the plan level and present a daily price of $1 with an accompanying accrual factor

Plan sponsors will appreciate the availability of FDIC insurance and deposit rates which are often superior to those offered by money market funds. LEARN MORE >>

DepositxChange® Programs:
Trading Identifier Program Name
DXP000015 Deposit Management Program I
DXP000023 Deposit Management Program II
DXP000016 Deposit Management Program III
DXP0000IV Deposit Management Program IV

*Please CLICK HERE >> for information regarding FDIC insurance and other important disclosures.

Paying Agent Services

Mid Atlantic offers an extensive line of paying agent services for plans in Mid Atlantic’s custody or held elsewhere.  Our services may be the perfect solution for those looking to outsource 1099 production and other related services for balance forward plans or plans held in brokerage accounts.  The Mid Atlantic paying agent solution includes:

  • Real-time online cash reporting and email notifications of cash activity
  • Form 1099-R and 945 remittance, filing, and reporting
  • Online access to check images, 1099s, wire and ACH references, and tax reporting
  • Daily updates of uncashed checks
  • Review and release functionality

Extensive Array of Web Based Tools and Support Technology

In addition to our core custody, trading and paying agent services, Mid Atlantic offers a myriad of tools designed to help you attract and retain clients.  Some highlights of these tools are as follows:

  • Plan Investment Plus (PIP): Automated plan investment policy statement generation, fund scoring, periodic reports, and policy compliance measurement in a polished package for plan sponsors
  • Fully transparent fee and rebate database and search tools
  • Fund Research: Fund screening, fund operational data, and on-demand fund and lineup fact sheets.
We invite you to explore our retirement plan platform, using the links on this page.You may also contact any member of our sales team for an online demonstration of all of the tools and services available through Mid Atlantic, or to get help with any questions that you have or requests for further information. Addition questions? Please contact us.





Plan Administrator and Advisor Tools

Mid Atlantic Trust Company serves as custodian for more than 95,000 401k plans representing in excess of 14% of all 401k plans in the U.S.

Mid Atlantic’s web-based trust accounting and custodial system provides real time online access to cash and investment reporting.

Mid Atlantic provides access to a universe of more than 27,000 mutual funds and ETFs.

More than 10,000 plan advisors and brokers utilize Mid Atlantic’s platform for custody, trading and settlement of their retirement plan business.