Your Total Practice Management Solution

AdvisorSightTM was developed in partnership with key vendors, including ORION Advisor Services, to serve as an all-in-one bundled solution providing portfolio accounting, billing, aggregation, performance reporting, and a web-based client portal, as well as full integration with many third party software applications.

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Portfolio Performance Reporting

Your ability to communicate performance efficiently with your clients is one of the most important factors to your success. We take this complicated and time consuming task out of your hands, allowing you to spend your time focusing on your clients. Mid Atlantic has made a significant investment in AdvisorSightTM, which includes a state-of-the-art portfolio management and reporting system. AdvisorSight’sTM reporting capabilities include:

  • Online access to the reporting system allowing for interim report updates
  • Ability to include multi-custodial accounts within a single composite report
  • Private labeling available, and in some cases customized reports available
  • Client Portal

Report features include: Performance analysis, detailed analysis of fund sub-advisors and styles, comparison of portfolio performance to benchmarks, overview of current market conditions, asset allocation, charts and graphs.

Full Integration

As a cloud resident, web-based API system, AdvisorSightTM offers full integration with many CRM, financial planning, and other software applications used by advisors.


Account Aggregation

AdvisorSightTM provides custodial interfaces and consolidation for accounts held at Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation and Mid Atlantic Trust Company, as well as all other major custodians. Interfaces are available for hundreds of additional custodians.


Client Web Portal

The AdvisorSightTM client web portal gives you the ability to show your clients all their accounts, all in one place, wrapped up in a minimal design that is easy to navigate. Performance, positions, activity, account values and more are shown in large, attractive graphics to put the information you want your clients to see, front and center. Using the AdvisorSightTM client portal means you can give your clients more options. A website doesn’t have to be a passive experience. Put up special blogs or notes on upcoming events for your clients to read, and give them the option to contact you directly through your client portal. Your client web portal can be customized and branded to your firm. Put up your logo and change colors to maintain consistency with your other communications and give your clients a unique experience that will keep them coming back.

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Delivered to you Through the Mid Atlantic Transaction Network Services (TNS)

For Advisors and Administrators

We can arrange electronic data feeds to your own proprietary or vendor supplied reporting systems from either our NFS broker/dealer custody or Mid Atlantic Trust Company’s trust custody systems. Most available systems are supported for regular download interfaces.

Mid Atlantic Trust Company also offers advisors and administrators who use the Orion®, Portfolio Center®, Morningstar Office® and other reporting systems the ability to receive a daily extract from MATC to feed into those systems. This eliminates the need to work with multiple systems or utilize a data aggregator. All of your clients’ account information will be available through a single point of access. The data transmitted includes transactions, positions, confirmations, dividends and prices.

In addition to our data support of third party systems, through TNS Mid Atlantic offers a full complement of reporting and analysis tools to advisors and administrators designed to help you differentiate your service in order to attract and retain clients:

  • Plan Investment Plus (PIP): Automated plan investment policy statement generation, fund scoring, periodic reports, and policy compliance measurement in a polished package for plan sponsors . LEARN MORE >> about PIP
  • Investment Toolkit: Investment data and fact sheets, investment option comparison report, and plan glossary in attractive and comprehensive format. LEARN MORE >> about Investment Toolkit
  • Fully transparent fee and rebate database and search tools
  • Fund Research: Fund screening, fund operational data, and on-demand fund and lineup fact sheets.

For Other Trust Companies

Mid Atlantic Trust Company has the ability to feed custodial data to various outside trust accounting systems including Metavante®, Omni® and Charlotte®. We also have the ability to receive trade files directly from Metavante® and Omni® allowing you to outsource the trading of mutual funds, managed models and ETFs if desired.

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