Operations & Compliance Support

Hands on Back Office Support Tailored to Your Needs

Mid Atlantic has built an infrastructure of support for your practice, so that you may concentrate on serving your clients and growing your business, while we help attend to many of your back office details. Beginning with the safety of your clients’ assets and following through all aspects of daily operations, we are focused on simplifying your practice operations through state-of-the-art technology and hands-on personal service.

Custody: Safety and Security

Safety of your clients’ account assets is one of the most important benefits we provide. Securities in accounts carried by National Financial Services LLC , a Fidelity Investments company, are protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”) up to $500,000 (including cash claims limited to $100,000). For details, go to

National Financial has arranged for additional protection for cash and covered securities to supplement its SIPC coverage. This additional protection covers up to an aggregate loss limit of $1 billion for all customer claims of which $1.9 million may cover cash awaiting reinvestment at the individual account level. This protection becomes available in the event that SIPC limits are exhausted. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities.

These insurances supplement the peace of mind that your customers will have knowing that their assets are in safekeeping with a Fidelity Investments company, one of the largest and most respected financial services firms in the world with over $3 trillion in customer assets under custody, management, and administration.

Securities Processing

Mid Atlantic’s processing technology and highly professional operations staff enables us to deliver quality in this most critical area. Every securities-processing task — receipt and delivery of securities, collection of income and dividends, sweep services, wire transfers, corporate action notification, cashiering, and margin activities — has an immediate impact on client accounts. We never lose sight of just how important it is that all of these functions proceed smoothly. That’s why we strive for error-free performance and why we continually enhance our services in these areas.

Compliance and Registration

Our affiliated independent financial advisors who choose a business model that involves commissions will be registered through our broker-dealer, Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation. Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation is registered in every state in the United States plus the U.S. Territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Under this arrangement, our compliance principals are required to, and do, visit each registered representative periodically.

Our compliance department employs a thorough but common sense approach to compliance that will help you keep your practice compliant while you are busy serving your clients and growing your business. In addition to our on-site audits of offices, our compliance will monitor trading activities, assisting with any customer inquiries, and reviewing marketing materials.

To simplify the move to Mid Atlantic, we support you in transferring all appropriate licenses and registrations.

If you want to gain additional licenses, we provide you with support, including study materials and a kit containing registration documents and all necessary information to register and sit for the qualifying examinations. Also included is an order form for your future representatives who need study materials.

In addition to arranging for all of your FINRA required periodic continuing education, Mid Atlantic Financial Network provides a series of informal educational forums to familiarize new and existing advisors with the array of products that we make available. We work with you to assure that the curriculum addresses all of the issues and products that are relevant to your firm.

Mid Atlantic has partnered with FIRE Solutions Inc. to assist us in providing on-line testing and educational compliance services to our affiliated advisors.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

We require blanket errors and omissions coverage both for your broker/dealer and registered investment advisory businesses, and make it available to all of our affiliated independents (both registered representatives of Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, and associated persons of Mid Atlantic Financial Management, Inc.) at our cost. Of course, you may elect to provide your own comparable coverage from another source if you prefer.