Thomson One: Integrated Wealth Management Tools for Mid Atlantic’s Advisors

Thomson One represents the marriage of the best of breed broker workstation technologies that National Financial and Thomson Reuters has to offer.

This powerful set of wealth management, market data, and productivity tools is designed to help you improve your operating efficiencies and increase assets under management.



Book Management

Provides tools to help you pinpoint new opportunities or monitor portfolios with potential risks and makes it easy to access and analyze holistic client views, accounts, and securities across your entire book of business.

  • Identify clients with available cash for investment
  • Query your book of business using hundreds of data points
  • Create a prioritized and targeted list of clients with time-sensitive or life-changing investment needs
  • View relevant allocation information by asset class, sector, or product

Wealth Management

Integrates financial planning, portfolio management, and book management, providing advisors with a broad view of clients’ assets — both internal accounts and those held away.

  • Pick the right mix of investments based on your clients’ needs
  • Perform asset allocations based on each client’s situation and timing needs
  • Quickly create on-the-spot reports for client review

Market Data

Combines news from a global network of journalists with Thomson Reuters’ leading market research and data analysis, helping advisors draw on timely information to help meet their clients’ financial goals.

  • Get access to delayed or real-time quotes to monitor global trends and performance and gain insights into specific industries, sectors, and securities
  • Gain a fresh perspective on world markets to help generate investment ideas, shape investment decisions, and drive top performance

If your practice requires you to have the state-of-art broker/advisor workstation and market data at your fingertips, Thomson One is for you.  Available through the National Financial/Mid Atlantic alliance.