MyStreetscape® Client Account Access

MyStreetscape® is an Internet-based system for your clients’ use, and it has many of the features of Streetscape® used by investment professionals.

MyStreetscape® allows your clients to place trades securely and easily, giving them access to their account and market data, 7 days a week, any time – day or night.

Packed with investor-centric features, MyStreetscape® was built for the more actively engaged investor and designed to foster communication and collaboration between you and your clients.  Access is available through both the Web and through mobile apps to provide direct, on-demand use for clients.

Mobile technology enables users to access their online brokerage accounts to access market data, trade, and view positions, balances and transaction history.  These smartphone solutions are available at the App Store at no charge. LEARN MORE >>


Once clients are enabled in MyStreetscape® they can elect to receive almost all account related communications electronically.  Your computer savvy clients will appreciate being relieved of the daily avalanche of mail that can arrive for an active investor with multiple household accounts.

And, as advisor, you have the option of allowing each of your clients “data only” access to MyStreetscape®, or if you choose, you may enable trading.  This gives you the control of how to best utilize this technology, according to how you run your own practice.