Fee Based Tools: Helping to Streamline Your Investment Management Processes

For customer accounts where you have chosen a custody solution through the Mid Atlantic/National Financial clearing alliance, Fee Based Tools provides a comprehensive approach to managing both your brokerage and advisory business.

This technology, representing the best of Fidelity, brings together grouping, block trading, modeling and rebalancing, import and export, and reporting capabilities into an integrated Web-based platform.

Order Central provides one-click access and management of all your trading activity.


Advisors who manage multiple accounts across common strategies can rely upon core functionalities to efficiently manage their administrative processes:

Grouping – Group customer accounts for viewing and generating transactions across multiple accounts.

Block Trading – Place a single trade that can be allocated across multiple customer accounts at the same average share price. Calculate, execute, and rebalance a security across multiple accounts. Block trade equities, funds and options. Allocation alerts for under or over allocated block trades

Modeling and Rebalancing – Manage model portfolios that you create, applied against multiple customer accounts.  Generate trades to bring positions back within defined tolerances. Incorporate trade restrictions and equivalencies.

Import and Export – Highly flexible capabilities allow you to import and export customer account data to feed third party or proprietary applications. Import orders and allocations as well as models, groups, and restrictions. Allow third-party managers access to manage a designated set of accounts for you.

Reporting – Access reports to help simplify the management of accounts and help provide enhanced customer service. Export reports directly into an Excel® document or as a printable PDF file.

You can enjoy all of these features and more through a single sign-on from the WealthScape® platform, with the ability to choose a package that is right for your business model and workflow.