Account Types

A full range of custody solutions are available to you and your customers through the Mid Atlantic/National Financial clearing alliance.

In addition to our standard brokerage accounts for individuals and entities (trusts, corporations, partnerships, LLCs)  you may choose from a variety of special accounts ranging from our full featured Brokerage Portfolio Account, to a variety of retirement plan account solutions for you customers.

Brokerage Portfolio Account

For a minimum initial investment of $15,000, our Brokerage Portfolio Account offers the high level of flexibility and product features that you want to provide. Among the many valued features it offers are:

  • A choice of municipal and taxable money market funds for the cash sweep feature
  • A VISA® Gold debit card with ATM access at 450,000+ locations*
  • Exclusive VISA® Gold cardholder features such as auto-rental discounts, travel accident insurance, emergency card replacement, and more
  • Unlimited, no-minimum check writing
  • Check re-orders free of charge
  • Direct deposit of paychecks and Social Security via electronic funds transfer
  • Periodic investment program to automatically purchase mutual fund shares on a regular schedule
  • Equity reinvestment program to automatically reinvest dividends and capital gains distributions
  • Margin account
  • Comprehensive monthly statement with full portfolio detail, asset-allocation chart, check writing and debit card activity, and more

For the vast majority of brokerage clients, an asset management account is a necessity.
A well-structured Brokerage Portfolio Account can be the cornerstone of your client relationships, as well as a valuable asset-gathering tool.

* Fee may apply

Retirement Plans

The #1 financial goal of Americans is a comfortable retirement. It’s generally estimated that a retiree will need 80% of pre-retirement income to maintain their pre-retirement lifestyle. With the average retirement now lasting 20+ years, achieving that goal requires more serious planning than ever before.

Through Mid Atlantic, you can offer your clients a broad menu of retirement accounts for their personal planning and for their businesses.

Personal retirement accounts Employer-sponsored plans
Traditional IRAs Profit-sharing plans
Roth IRAs Money purchase plans
Rollover IRAs SEP IRAs
401(k) plans
403(b) plans

IRA accounts are adaptable to both fee-based professional management and self-direction.

Whether it’s a packaged turnkey product, or a flexible open-platform product, Mid Atlantic provides you with the choices you need to compete effectively in the retirement plan marketplace.

Working with TPAs and Trust Companies

If your business involves more extensive or complex work in the retirement plan space that takes you beyond brokerage account based solutions, we have additional resources available through Mid Atlantic Trust Company that you will want to check out. LEARN MORE >>

You’ll find that we have relationships with a network of over 75 third-party administrators (TPAs) nationally, so we can also assist you in establishing a working relationship with a TPA if needed.  Over 8,000 plan advisors and brokers utilize Mid Atlantic’s platform for custody, trading and settlement of their retirement plan business.

We will consult with you to determine the most suitable retirement product for you and your clients. With over 55,000 retirement plans in custody through Mid Atlantic Trust Company, we are confident that we can enhance your ability to attract and develop your retirement plan business.