Mission Statement

The mission of Mid Atlantic Capital Group is to provide the best available financial products, services, and operational support to a select group of financial professionals and organizations for the benefit of their clients.

We commit ourselves to these fundamental business principles:

Privacy – A respect for personal and business confidentiality

Expertise – The best specialized functions, delivered by the most qualified people, whether in-house or through our strategic alliances

Responsiveness – A “do it now” mentality

Personal Service – Tailoring to individual requirements

Innovation – Market leadership in our technology, products and services

Lasting Relationship – A commitment to the long term


Underlying our mission and fundamental business principles are our core values:

  • We believe our business partners’ time is best spent in front of the client creating excellent outcomes while we stay behind the scenes handling the critical product and operational components.
  • We equip financial intermediaries with the essential tools and support enabling them to attract, service and retain customer assets.
  • We provide a best in class platform to elevate our business partners’ stature in the industry and help them be leaders in their fields.