Working at Mid Atlantic

If you are considering a career at Mid Atlantic, then you might first want to know more about our corporate culture.

By this, we mean our shared workplace values and how these translate into our everyday working environment. We work hard to foster an environment that enables our people to thrive and enjoy their work.

The proof is in the results:  a growing and consistently profitable company where most of our team leaders and many of our staff have been with Mid Atlantic for 10-20 years. We are very proud of our record of attracting and then retaining talented people, while nearly doubling the number of our employees over the past five years. Our growth has enabled us to bring on many talented individuals who can find a great environment for personal development, as well as people who are new to Mid Atlantic, but have extensive experience at other prior employers.

We value individuals and accordingly, have programs and practices ingrained in our culture that encourage professional development while making sure that the company hears and takes advantage of the ideas and contributions that everyone has to offer.  Here are just some examples of what you will find at Mid Atlantic:

Plans Well Executed.

Our annual planning process begins at the staff level.  Each team leader holds a series of meetings with their staff to solicit input and ideas into the annual plan.  This starts with an analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and ends with a documented annual plan that is monitored and updated throughout the year at our bi-weekly team leader meetings.

Rewards for Great Performance.

Each of our teams measures itself monthly against its “great performance goals”, which are set by mutual consensus among the team members and management.  These form the basis for measuring team performance on a regular monthly basis, and result in monthly financial incentives for those teams meeting their goals.

Lunch and Learn.

At our “lunch and learn” programs, we bring in speakers and educators for informal presentations over a staff lunch.  Sometimes the subject matter is directly related to our business functions, but more often the topics concern personal and professional development.  Attendance is voluntary, and yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch!

Stay Smart.

In our annual budgets, each team leader requests and is awarded an educational budget to be expended throughout the year on professional development.  This is at each team leader’s discretion and allows many staff to attend conferences, seminars and educational courses to enhance personal and professional development.

Know What’s Up.

Years ago, we started the practice of monthly staff meetings with everyone in the firm in attendance.  These monthly staff meetings still occur, and we are determined to maintain this practice no matter what our size.  At the meetings, there are presentations, Q&A sessions and communications to inform and involve all with respect to current issues at Mid Atlantic.  Periodically, a team leader will take responsibility for an educational presentation as well.  These may involve the staff, who are requested to become the expert of the day on a particular topic and share their preparations with all.

Have Some Fun Too.

Last but not least, we enjoy our events – both those organized and sponsored by the company, as well as our impromptu staff-organized after work socials.  So whether its baseball night at PNC Park, our “almost-famous” holiday party, a team social in “the Strip”, one of our wine tasting events after work,  a chili cooking contest, or bring your favorite dish for lunch day, we like to play as hard as we work.

If Mid Atlantic sounds like the choice that’s right for you, join us and discover what it means to be part of our team. Submit your resume to HR now!