Notice of New SEC Regulations Regarding Money Fund Reform

Beginning October 2016, SEC-mandated reforms will go into effect, imposing floating NAV rules, fees, and gates on certain types of money market funds.

We encourage advisors and money managers to begin preparing for these changes given the time involved with the transition period and shareholder approval.  Evaluating current investments, regulatory impact, and potential alternative investments will also require a prudent process.

In response, Mid Atlantic Trust Company is pleased to present to you an alternative FDIC insured demand deposit* product called DepositxChangeTM.  This can be used as a standalone investment or part of a model in the qualified plan space.  Please review the following linked fact sheets for further details regarding this cash alternative:

Deposit Management Program I
Deposit Management Program II
DepositxChangeTM Disclosure

If you have any questions, you may contact your Mid Atlantic relationship manager by calling (800) 693-7800.

Mid Atlantic to Launch AdvisorSight™ Platform

Mid Atlantic Capital Group is pleased to announce a December 1, 2015 release date for AdvisorSight™, a fully integrated and customizable platform that delivers market-leading technology solutions to the Mid Atlantic supported advisor community.  AdvisorSight™ will be replacing our previous portfolio performance reporting and account aggregation service provider.

Please take this opportunity to click here for more information.

Lost Participant/Person Search Service

Mid Atlantic is pleased to have partnered with RCP Solutions to resolve long outstanding checks issued for plan distributions, loans, rollovers, as well as statements for orphan accounts The program has been very successful to date in locating many of these “lost” individuals. Many of our business partners have expressed an interest in utilizing this process to attempt to locate lost participants from employee benefit plans whose funds still remain in the plan. These would most likely be participants with higher dollar balances that cannot be forced out of the plans. Please take a moment to review the Service Announcement for details on how this process works for our customers. If you are interested in leveraging this new offering. please contact your Mid Atlantic Relationship Manager.

Technology upgrade

Mid Atlantic is pleased to announce the upcoming upgrade of our performance reporting platform. The upgrade includes the installation of the latest version of Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX – version 4.7) as well as enhanced technology infrastructure, including new servers and communication software. A proven solution used by more than 800 investment firms worldwide, APX version 4.7 is the latest portfolio reporting system from Advent, a pioneer in portfolio management technology and a trusted market leader for 30 years. Benefits of the upgrade will include improved internal operational efficiencies, cost basis reconciliation, advanced search capabilities, Windows 7 & 8 compatibility, an improved graphical user interface and reporting capabilities based on the latest industry-standard Microsoft Reporting Services framework.

Mid Atlantic adds two new managers to the ModelxChange Managers Program

ModelxChange Managers Program (MMP) is a separate-account manager platform designed to help Mid Atlantic advisors provide sophisticated, yet cost effective, portfolio management solutions to their clients. MMP utilizes Mid Atlantic Trust Company’s proprietary ModelxChange® technology enabling third-party managers the ability to offer ETF and Mutual Fund based model portfolios in an extremely efficient and cost effective way.

Program features:

  • Access to an extremely cost effective and efficient approach to third-party managed account strategies
  • Account minimums as low as $25,000*
  • Ability to create customized portfolios utilizing some of the nation’s leading model-based third party money managers
  • Flexible online access to manager fact-sheets
  • Access to over 30 third party managers representing more than 150 different model strategies including MPT, Quantitative, and Tactical approaches
  • Ability to customize portfolio holdings by excluding certain ETF’s or Mutual Funds
  • Quarterly performance reporting

Mid Atlantic is pleased to announce the addition of two new managers to the MMP line-up: Horizon Investments of Charlotte, NC and Alpha Investment Management of Cincinatti, OH. Mid Atlantic Plans to include additional managers throughout the coming year.

* – Some managers may impose account minimums at an amount higher than $25,000

ModelxChange expansion

Mid Atlantic would like to share with you the latest news regarding ModelxChange®. ModelxChange® is ideal for those Professional Money Managers, Investment Advisors, and Plan Record Keepers who want to stay on the forefront of the 401(k) marketplace, and are interested in maintaining a larger share of the generated revenues. It is also a great platform for high net worth accounts.


If you would like more information on ModelxChange®, please contact Brian Lenz or John Hufnagel at MATC by calling 1-800-693-7800.

408(b)2 Fee Disclosure

Mid Atlantic announces release to customers of its newly developed technology that successfully fulfills the Department of Labor’s retirement plan fee disclosure requirements. The intent of these disclosures is to assist account owners in identifying conflicts of interest and to determine whether the fees for services rendered are reasonable.

Our initial disclosure, delivered electronically to the designated statement contact of the plan, describes the services provided by Mid Atlantic and the amount and source of payment for those services. If there is an another contact to whom you believe the disclosure should be directed, please contact your Relationship Manager at 412.391.7077.

Announcing Referral-EDGE

We are pleased to bring you Referral-EDGE, an interactive, web-based tool developed by Infinata, Inc., and customized for National Financial clients. Referral-EDGE taps into an extensive database of timely, relevant, and public information on high-net-worth individuals, retirement plans, centers of influence (COIs), foundations, and endowments. It can help you gain insight into your existing clients, uncover qualified prospective clients, and network with influential professionals. Use it to help develop richer relationships and uncover strong connections for referrals. Contact Paul Edwards ( for more information.


Announcement to MACC Registered Reps Introducing Platinum Advisor Marketing Strategies, LLC

“Only 24% of investors who have contact with their advisers once a year or less called themselves very satisfied, compared with 63% who had more frequent contact and described themselves as very satisfied.”
—-Source: Northstar Research & brand Firm Sullivan Survey of 1290 investors with $100,000 or more in investable assets as reported in Investment News April 21, 2011 edition.

What are you doing to secure AND attract client relationships?

Mid Atlantic Capital Group is pleased to announce that they have secured an arrangement with Platinum Advisor Marketing Strategies to provide you a complete practice management and marketing solution to help you attract and retain high net-worth clients. We also negotiated a significant discount from Platinum’s rack rate for MACC registered representatives who elect to adopt this proven system.

From professional marketing pieces to practice management tools, here is a service designed by financial representatives for financial representatives. Why reinvent the wheel when you can partner with a professional who practices daily what they preach and at a fraction of the cost?

If you are interested in learning more about Platinum please contact Jill Spiker at Mid Atlantic at 800-693-7800 who will arrange for information to be sent to you, or arrange directly with Platinum an on-line demonstration with:

Andrew R. Hinkle II, Account Executive
Toll Free: 877-421-8953

“…the most satisfied affluent clients averaged at least 28 contacts (in person, by telephone, by mail and by email) with their advisors in a one-year period. Very dissatisfied affluent investors, on the other hand, averaged only 17 contacts over the same period.”
—-Source: CEG Worldwide Study of Affluent Investors

Securities offered through Mid Atlantic Capital Corporation, member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Mid Atlantic Financial Management, Inc., a registered investment adviser. Trust services offered through Mid Atlantic Trust Company, a non-depository trust company.

401k GPS: Helping Advisors Navigate The Complex Retirement Asset Landscape

Since 2004, Mid Atlantic Trust Company (MATC) has served the 401k market place with distinction by focusing on providing custody and trading for Third Party Administrators, Record Keepers and their plan-sponsor clients. MATC proudly serves over 120 TPA’s and record keepers which in turn represent over 30,000 corporate retirement plans.

Now MATC has turned its focus to providing a uniquely integrated tool-set for plan Advisors designed to facilitate the acquisition and management of retirement assets. With the increasingly complex array of regulatory, operational and business issues unique to this space, MATC’s product suite enables Advisors to manage plan assets with the efficiency and flexibility they’ve been seeking. These tools provide the full spectrum of functionality needed to compete for and manage plan assets, including:

– Investment Proposal System
– Investment Research
– IPS Generation, Monitoring, and Review
– Model Management
– Client Reporting
– Regulatory and Fiduciary Management

If you currently work with corporate retirement plans that are on MATC’s platform, these tools are already available to you, many of them at no additional cost. If you don’t have plans in custody with MATC that is okay. We can arrange for one of our TPA and Record Keeping partners to give you access.

Please review a summary of the MATC Advisor Toolkit. We will be reaching out to you directly to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact John Hufnagel or Brian Lenz at 800-693-7800 to arrange for a demo of this functionality, or to discuss our offering in more detail.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals in retirement plan services.

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