Time is Running Out: New SEC Rules to Be Implemented on October 14, 2016

This is an urgent reminder that new floating NAV rules, fees, and gates on certain money market funds will be taking effect on October 14, 2016…

Advisors and money managers must be in compliance with the SEC’s mandated reforms by this date and are urged to begin the necessary preparation process right away, if not currently underway.

As part of the process, advisors and managers may need to take into account the following:

• transition period
• shareholder approval
• evaluation of current investments
• regulatory impact
• potential alternative investments

As an added service to our business partners, Mid Atlantic Trust Company (MATC) has made available an alternative platform solution to help accommodate these new reforms…

DepositxChange®, an FDIC insured service, seamlessly connects 401(k) participants and banks to provide participants with a cash deposit within their retirement account, whether it is part of a qualified defined contribution plan space model or a standalone investment.

For more information about DepositxChange®, please visit our Benefits Administrators page. You may also contact Michael Fillmore, Director, at, or by calling (800) 693-7800.