Mid Atlantic Welcomes Two New ModelxChange® Managers

Mid Atlantic is pleased to announce two new full service ModelxChange® partners:

Fort Pitt Capital Group, an independent SEC-registered investment advisor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides trusted, strategic investment, and wealth management solutions to both individuals and institutions.  Its Asset Allocation Strategy is a strategic risk-based investment management approach implemented through a multi-manager portfolio.  Fort Pitt’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that risk premiums are the primary return drivers of diversified multi-asset portfolios.  The investment process consists of a three level approach to portfolio construction: Asset Allocation, Investment Structure, and Investment Selection.

Hightower|Scottsdale, a registered investment advisor in Scottsdale Arizona, is the sub-advisor to the five LDintelligence™ (LDi) targeted return portfolios: LDi3™, LDi5™, LDi7™, LDi9™, and LDi11™.  Its portfolio construction is augmented with a provocatively disruptive retirement readiness solution known as the LDintelligence Managed account Plan Participant system, LDi-MaPPs™.  The Liability Derived intelligence™ portfolios consist of five asset/liability modeled, target return portfolios aimed to achieve each client’s growth and/or cash flow needs while proportionately reducing their downside risk exposure.

Please contact John Hufnagel at or (412) 391-7077, ext. 390 with any additional questions.

New SEC Guidance on Disclosures

The SEC has issued updated guidance on the investment disclosures that must be made to retirement plan participants.  You can view the SEC’s Guidance Update by clicking here.  The fact sheets MATC has created as part of our full service ModelxChange offering assist you in meeting these standards, though we encourage you to review any disclosure text you have created with your compliance and legal team to ensure it follows  SEC requirements.

If you have any questions or need help updating your fact sheets, please contact us at 800-693-7800.